The central objective of the MSP-project is the development of a highly competitive technology and manufacturing platform for the 3D-integration of sophisticated components and sensors with CMOS technology. The MSP project is focused on the development of essential components and sensors for the realization of smart systems capable for indoor and outdoor environmental monitoring:

  • Gas sensors for detection of potentially harmful or toxic gases
  • Sensors for particulate matter and ultrafine particles
  • Development of infrared sensors and UV-A/B sensors
  • Development of highly efficient photovoltaics and piezoelectrics for energy harvesting
  • Development of components for wireless communication within sensor networks and to handheld devices

Major goal is the development of smart multi sensor platforms for intelligent air conditioning systems in building technologies and for implementation directly into smartphones to detect harmful environmental gases.

The strategic objective of the MSP project is to establish a European ecosystem for integrated sensor systems extending through the whole value chain from research through design and fabrication to demonstration in industrial products. The MSP project will contribute to reinforce European industrial leadership through miniaturization, performance increase and manufacturability of innovative smart systems.


Multi Sensor Platform
Multi Sensor Platform