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MSP-Project Coordinator:

Ina Lörcks
Phone: +49 7121 51486 - 19

Partner description

AppliedSensor provides solutions for air quality, safety, comfort and control through its broad range of proprietary gas sensing technologies. Applications include ambient climate control, air quality assurance and environmental safety for OEMs serving building technology, the automotive and the consumer industry. AppliedSensor’s core competence is the design, development, and mass-production of advanced sensor technologies including Field-Effect, Metal-Oxide, and Quartz-Micro-Balance sensors. AppliedSensor is engaged in important safety assurance with its field effect technology that is uniquely applied to hydrogen gas leak detection. Early adapters of hydrogen as automotive fuel, including BMW, Daimler and Opel (General Motors), have recognized the company’s highly selective and fast responding sensor technology and have incorporated sensors on-board their new generation of hydrogen fuelled vehicles. AppliedSensor is now being established as a world-leading supplier of mass produced gas sensor components and modules.