Boschman B.V.

Stenograaf 3
6921 EX Duiven

Phone : +31 26 319 4900

MSP-Project Coordinator:

Ton van Welden
Phone: +31 26 319 4900

Partner description

Boschman develops new processes for the encapsulation of advanced packages and delivers the encapsulation equipment to the worldwide semiconductor and electronics industry. Boschman provides in a close cooperation with the semiconductor industry new processes and equipment for the MEMS/Sensor packages. The “basic “ technology of molding with film started more than 10 years ago and the semiconductor industry looks with favour on the advanced processes of encapsulation. Boschman has the technology to (partly) encapsulate the MEMS/Sensor packages in such a way that the sensor area of a chip can perform its function in a perfect encapsulated environment.