Cambridge CMOS Sensors

St Andrews Street, St. Andrews House 59
Cambridge CB2 3BZ
United Kingdom

Phone : +44 1223 360 992

MSP-Project Coordinator:

Foysol Chowhudry
Phone: +44 1223 360 992

Partner description

Cambridge CMOS Sensors Ltd (CCS) is a spin off from the University of Cambridge to commercialize novel micro-hotplate technology for use in micro-sensors such as gas, flow and temperature sensors. The technology has been developed over 20 years at the University of Cambridge and University of Warwick and offers a radical step change in performance in terms of power consumption (at least one order of magnitude lower than state-of-the-art), integration (fully CMOS compatible), ultra-fast response time, smartness (embedded intelligent design), and allows high volume production at low cost. The unique CMOS MEMS technology, which forms the basis of all our products, enables a new generation of miniature sensors and applications, in emerging sensor markets such as Consumer and Home Healthcare, as well as offering unique differentiation in established markets such as Automotive, Industrial and Domestic. The micro-hotplates are used as a platform for depositing wide range of metal-oxide and nano-materials for gas sensing applications. The company also produces micro Infrared (IR) sources and detectors. The IR Sources and detectors are used in a range of applications, including Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) gas sensing and spectroscopy applications, and Attenuated Total Reflectance (ATR) sensors for analysis of liquids and solids. CCS was founded in 2008 by Profession Florin Udrea, Professor Julian Gardner, and Professor Bill Milne, and has continued to grow ever since.