Via Valotti 9
25133 Brescia

Phone : +39 3204377976
Mail: elisabetta.comini@ing.unibs.it
Web: www.unibs.it

MSP-Project Coordinator:

Elisabetta Comini
Mail: elisabetta.comini@ing.unibs.it
Phone: +39 3204377976

Partner description

SENSOR located in Brescia is a joint laboratory of the University of Brescia  and the Institute of Optics of the National Research Council. SENSOR activity spans from investigation of basic sensing process to development of industrial applications. In the field of bio-chemical sensing, the core of SENSOR activity, priority sectors of commitment are: Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Nanomedicine, Food and Security. Quasi 1-dimensional oxide nanostructures, which represent the most advanced field of investigation of nanostructured materials at SENSOR, are applied as fundamental building blocks of a forefront research in nanowire optoelectronics: ZnO based LEDs, nanowire based sensors, highly efficient and long time stable electron field emitters and ionized gas sources. Inside the project the main tasks of UNIBS are the preparation and characterization of semiconducting metal oxides nanowires for chemical sensing applications. The facilities at SENSOR Lab include state of the art for material synthesis (PVD), morphological (SEM) and structural characterization (XRD, RAMAN) and functional characterization of the materials and devices.