University of Cambridge

The Old Schools, Trinity Lane
Cambridge CB2 1TN
United Kingdom

Phone : +44 1223 - 333543

MSP-Project Coordinator:

Florin Udrea
Phone: +44 1223 - 333543

Partner description

University of Cambridge has developed an international standing for advances in science and technology over a period of 600 years. Its reputation can be measured by more than 70 Noble prizes and other prestigious awards in Physics, Mathematics, Engineering, Medicine and other disciplines. The Department of Engineering is a leading international centre for research and gained the highest possible ranking in the latest assessment of research achievements in British Universities. The Department of Engineering was also ranked first in its class in Europe according to other independent surveys. The Department comprises of approximately 2000 members of staff and students. The HVMS (High Voltage Microelectronics and Sensors) group has an international reputation with more than 400 articles published in international journals and conferences and over 70 patents. It has been sponsored throughout by the industrial and public grants with more than 5 M Euro. The group has built its reputation from advanced numerical simulations, analytical modelling and experimental demonstration of novel power devices in the area of smart power. UCAM will bring along its 20 years of experience and knowledge in smart power devices and related technologies. The group has spun off 3 of the most successful companies out of University of Cambridge. For example Cambridge Semiconductor has a revenue of around 15 M Euro/year.